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Violet Craft

The Violet Craft Tiger Abstractions Quilt Pattern

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The Violet Craft Tiger Abstractions Quilt is part of the Violet Craft Abstractions Series.

Violet Craft's "Tiger Abstractions" quilt pattern is a captivating and meaningful design that pays tribute to the majestic Sumatran tiger. This quilt is part of her renowned "Abstractions" series, which blends modern aesthetics with intricate geometric shapes to create stunning quilt patterns.

The Sumatran tiger is a critically endangered species, and this quilt serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of conservation efforts. Violet Craft's personal connection to the the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon and the animals she has met there is evident in this design. Through this pattern, Violet not only showcases her artistic talent but also raises awareness about the vital work being done to protect and preserve these magnificent animals. Quilters who take on this project have the opportunity to create a quilt that symbolizes both the beauty of the Sumatran tiger and the need to safeguard its future. Riya, the muse for this quilt, gave birth to two beautiful and healthy cubs in 2021.

The Tiger Abstractions Quilt is an entirely foundation paper pieced adventure measuring 60” x 75”.

 Instructions assume a knowledge of foundation paper piecing.