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Moda Fabrics

Fireside Porcelain 60" Wide Polyester Yardage by Moda Fabrics

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Moda Fireside is a 100% polyester 60" backing that will bring warmth and softness to your next quilt project.  This soft texture fabric is the quilt backing of choice for quilters who want something warm and cozy; heavier than flannel and not as silky as Cuddle. It has a one-way stretch and is easy to work with. Great for non-quilting purposes too, such as upholstery, shawls, scarves, teddy bears, plushies, and other crafts.  Also a perfect medium for raw edge appliqué shapes.

Fireside can be machine washed and dried. Lower heat setting is recommended.

Ideal for Quilting, Home Decor projects, and Dressmaking.

Fabric is sold with a minimum of one half metre. For one half metre add a quantity of 2 to your shopping basket, or 3/4 metre add a quantity of 3, and for 1 metre, add a quantity of 4 to your basket.